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Visible and Invisible Enemies

Visible and Invisible Enemies

Visible and Invisible Enemies  21/05/2020 11:10:43 AM   Visible and Invisible Enemies   administrator

Corona-Corona-Corona. The world is stricken and crying. In the present situation, only crying is understood, no one has any weapon, or solution to fight this invisible enemy. All the weapons, atomic and nuclear bombs of the world's so-called superpowers, deadly missiles that can hit thousands of kilometer distance and tanks that bombard large areas, all are proven of no use against this tiny but powerful virus. The US $ 1 billion American fighter planes and the famous fighter aircrafts of powerful nation like France-Rafael and Mirage, Britain's Jaguar and Russian Sukhoi and MiG, etc. are all grounded. Countries like USA with the help of their physical military power, penetrating into countries thousands of kilometers away and invading their independence, putting their heads of state to death, is sweating in the face of a small invisible enemy. This superpowered invisible enemy did not only sour the teeth of the so-called superpowers, but broke the teeth. The presidents of the nations themselves, their family members, army soldiers, officers, politicians, actors, businessmen, doctors, etc., are unable to escape it. All are doing trihimam-trihimam.
The number of corona victims in the world is approaching 20,00,000, of which 1,25,000 have died. Cases in India have gone above 9000 and more than 350 have died. This epidemic is being called the Third World War, where more than 200 countries are fighting an invisible enemy. No one has the remedy or weapon to fight with it. Scientists of many countries are busy in finding solutions and it is hoped that some solution will be found soon. But the arrogance of the superpowers, high pride has definitely been compromised. Even then, the American President asked for alms of medicine from India and that too in a threatening tone. Even in India, monks also ask for contribution, Buddhists also ask for contribution, but here it is sought in a polite manner, decently. India is a simple country, instantly said yes. Ideally America should have been told that if you talk about friendship with India, then why are you threatening? First withdraw your threat and then only we will give medicine. One thing became clear that so called super powers are not super and modern science is still not advance enough.
No visible remedy of this invisible enemy is visible in the physical world-material world yet. The remedy to defeat this invisible, latent will also be achieved at the level of invisible, latent, formless consciousness. The whole manifest world is the manifestation of Avyakta. The manifestation of virtue is the manifestation of the formless and invisible. When there is no remedy at the level of the manifest, then it should be understood that the remedy is in unmanifest-latent. Sadhana and Aradhana, spirituality and adhideva, Yoga and Yajna are the only ways to handle the field of the avyakt. Yajna is the action of change. The only way to convert darkness into light, diseases into perfect health, sorrow to happiness, negativity into positivity, despair into hope, suffering into bliss-into happiness, this is the art and science of change - Yajna.
Seeing the present situation, many things of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji are remembered, which are as relevant today as they were 20-25-30 years ago. Maharishi ji had warned the administrators, politicians and governments of the world many times in his Indian and international press talks and in his discourses. Maharishi ji had said that Vedic knowledge is complete with preventive principles and practical programmes and the present administration should include these principles in their administration. The problems, natural disasters and unhappiness can be prevented. The doctrine of "Hayam Dukham Anagatam" of the Upanishads, the doctrine of Prevention was reminded by Maharishi Ji thousands of times, even many demos were arranged, but this Vedic knowledge-science and techniques propagated by Maharishi was ignored by all secular and different Religious politicians. Christianity-based and Muslim-dominated nations have ignored it, but even India's secular governments and leaders have not embraced the ancient, eternal vedic knowledge of India. I have no hesitation in writing here that I have personally met with the four honorable Prime Ministers of India (late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, late Shri Narasimha Rao, late Shri Chandrashekhar and late Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai). Maharishi Ji's written message was handed over, but it may have been buried somewhere in the files or gone to the waste basket. Some Prime Ministers did not even give an appointment to meet. The secretaries of some took the message and completed their duty. Well, leave these things, nothing will happen now discussing these old stories. Just mentioned here so that you all know that Maharishi Ji had warned to save India and the world long ago.
Our present Prime Minister, Honorable Shri Narendra Modi Ji has been a "Sadhak" (practitioner of spiritual techniques for self development) himself, he knows the importance of spirituality and the power of God, but how much courage he will be able to use and use Indian knowledge by being tied to the thread of secular, we do not know. However, that the great steps he has taken in this direction are bound by hope and a poet has said, "The sky is hanging with hope". Maharishi Ji has given very simple programmes for the world humanity, by using them, the Government of India or any nation, can bring for the citizens of India and world family happiness, prosperity, overall development, good education, complete health, poverty alleviation, enlightenment and invincibility. Let us discuss some simple tips here.
Transcendental Meditation-TM, as propounded by Maharishi ji, is a universally accepted meditation method adopted by millions of citizens of all walks of life, all religions, faith and belief, in more than 125 countries. More than 700 scientific research studies have been conducted in 230 independent research institutes, universities and government institutions in 35 countries and have shown positive and beneficial results of Transcendental Meditation in every sphere of life. It is noteworthy that in the history of the whole world, there has not been so much scientific research on any method of meditation. Scientists have proved that if the practice of group meditation on an equal number of one percent of the population of any city or place is done twice daily, then positive values will increase in that place.
After some years, the scientists did research and informed that if Maharishi Ji's "Siddhi programme and Yogic Flying" were practiced in any number equal to the square root of one percent of nation's population at any one time and place, not only all the positive atmosphere is created as well as all the negative trends and tendencies are also mitigated. Maharishi ji has very first time demonstrated this fact in Fairfield, Iowa in the United States in 1983-1984 having a gathering of 7000 practitioners of Transcendental Meditation, TM-Siddhi Programme and and Yogic flying equal to one percent of the world population of that time. After this, in many countries of the world, through Maharishi world Peace Assemblies, its importance was proved again and again. Maharishi ji has brought to light the principles of Defence and Invincibility for the nations in the complete doctrine of Invincible Defence in his book "Maharishi Absolute Theory of Defence" and has also given a relevant message to many nations. Maharishi has suggested to create a "Prevention Wing" in every Army for the country without any additional expenditure. Many countries have many millions of military personnel. If at any one of defence places, a group of 9000 soldiers are included in the Army's Prevention Wing, then the effect of peace will not only be proved in that country but in the whole world. It is heard that there are about 50,00,000 military personnel in India, including Army, Navy, Airforce and Paramilitary Forces. There is no need to appoint new personnels to create Prevention Wing. Only 9000 out of existing people practice about two and half hours of Transcendental Meditation, TM-Siddhi Flying and Yogic Flying twice daily in one place and one time, in the remaining time they continue to complete their normal routine. Maharishi ji said that when structural engineers design a building, the building is designed 2-3 times stronger, having possibility of capable of taking extra load. Similarly, if 5 groups of Peace Creators are established in the north, south, east, west and center of India, then the collective consciousness of India and the world will be five times Satoguni-pure-coherent and from now to all future in India and in the world, the entire world family will be safe and invincible, there will be continuous evolutionary development of all areas in the life of the entire humanity. Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Home Minister Honourable Shri Amit Shah Ji, Defense Minister of India, Honorable Shri Rajnath Singh Ji and Finance Minister Honorable Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman Ji are requested to implement and try this scientifically validated programme anywhere in a group of 9000. Apart from this, there is no other way than increasing the Satoguna, decreasing the Rajoguna and Tamoguna to create balance in nature for India and the world.
One more point of Maharishi Ji is worth noting. When to stop the enemy? When he attacks us? When he is attacking the border? When he is getting combat training in his camps? No, we should stop the enemy only when there is a feeling of enmity in his mind. This is "Heyam Dukham Anagatam", this is "Victory before war". This group of 9000 practitioners will do the same, it will not allow any feeling of enmity to arise in anyone's mind. The Upanishads have also said - "Tatsannidhauvaratyagah": In the vicinity of that coherence - in that Sannidhi, the feeling of enemity dissolves.
Maharishi Organisation can only request the Government. Whether the government believes in it or not, whether it is adopted or not, it is beyond the authority of the Organisation and depends on the level of Coherence-Satoguna in the collective consciousness of the nation. You are aware that to face Corona, the government has to spend about 200,000 crores. Apart from this, no one knows how much the economy will go down, there is a fear of increasing unemployment in the number of crores, production of industries will decline, exports will be affected, inflation will increase, economic growth will fall, health budget will increase, per capita income will decrease and India will suffer heavy losses. This will also have a side effect on the global system. It is only after considering all these possibilities of loss that fear and anxiety are experienced.
Maharishi ji had sent a message to the world's and India's top financial leaders several times that all together form a group of 9000 peace creators. I personally met the heads of some of the top business establishments in India and had proposed setting up of these world peace groups but unfortunately no one showed interest in it. Maharishi Ji used to say that if such calamity ever comes upon the nation, the biggest loss will be of the rich. Now we are all seeing daily that shares worth crores of rupees are sinking every day. There's still time. Establishing a group of 9000 requires a much smaller amount than this loss, or the government budget. If the government forms this group with its employees then there will be no additional expenditure. If the business leaders want to form this group together, it would be as follows:
10,000 people @ Rs. 20,000 per month per person expenditure = Rs. 20,00,00,000 (Rs. 20 crores per month) x 12 months = Rs. 240 crores per year.

If the business leaders of India make an endowment fund of about 5000 crores (five thousand crores) for the establishment of world peace, then this group of 10,000 people will be sponsored only by its interest.
Only one time for the housing, kitchen, dining rooms, laboratory, meditation room, office, campus development etc. @ Rs. 3,00,000 per person = around Rs. 300 crore will be required. India's largest or developed provinces i.e. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan and Kerala, if they bear the expenses of 1000 peace seekers, then it comes to only 24 crores every year, which is nothing. These provinces can easily contribute. For accommodation Rs. 30 crores only once has to be spent, what can be done if the provincial governments cannot do this much for their citizens?
It is noteworthy that the Maharishi Organisation has made arrangements for the residence of 3000 Peace Creators in Brahmasthan of India, that means facilities for only 7000 more have to be arranged. It is very simple and doable. Right now, rich business people are giving thousands of crores of rupees in the Prime Minister Care Fund, this is a good step, but it is not wise to find a solution when problems arise. Permanent prevention is the only wisdom.
It is necessary to state here that 130 crores Indians will be protected by the expenditure of only one rupee eighty paisa (Rs. 1.84) per annum per citizen. Can't the Central Government of India or some provincial governments spent this little amount of Rs. 1.84 per annum for their citizens? There are about 10 crore unemployed youth in India. Can the government not employ 10,000 of these in this sacred work by giving unemployment allowance?
Here one more thought is coming in mind and that is, if the national government or the provincial governments are committed to the secular framework and Indian businessmen hesitate to fund this project, then let the common citizens of India come together and implement this scheme. Even if 10,000 upper middle class families sponsor the expenditure of one person per month, this peace creating group can be established immediately. If one family can not, 2, 3 or 10 can sponsor one person.
1,20,000 people of the world have become victims of this pandemic. Can we not get 10,000 volunteers or some non-government private institutions (NGOs) or middle-class businessmen out of the 130 crore population of India, who can spend 20,000 rupees per month for their Indian citizens? There is another possibility and that is, can we not get 10,000 citizens out of 130 crore Indians who can spend their lives in spiritual practices in the interest of the entire world family? These peace creators will have to spend their lives in spiritual practices in the geographical center of India - Brahmasthan, District-Katni (formerly the district was Jabalpur). These peace keepers can also do other tasks at certain hours of the day. It is said that there are about 60 million citizens above 60 years and below 65 years of age in India. These are known as "Vanaprasthi" in the Vedic language, whose family responsibilities have now been fulfilled. Can 10,000 of these Vanaprasthis offer their remaining lives in this Mahayagya? Aren't 10,000 so capable of these 6 crore vanaprasthis that they can spend their life living in this group with the amount spent on themselves any way? This is a very serious topic to consider. We call upon every Indian to consider our request seriously and come forward and offer his/her contribution in this Mahayagya, in the interest of the entire world family. Let us make a permanent arrangement for the gift of a happy, joyful, problem-free, healthy life for all the generations ahead of us in this generation itself.

If we can't? Then it will be in our destiny to remain a witness to the problematic world and suffering humanity. For more information in this regard, please contact -9893700746, 9425675485, 9425008470.

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन:, सर्वे सन्तु निरामया । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु, माँ कष्चित् दु:खभाग्भवेत् ।। Survey Bhavantu Sukhinah: Survey Santu Niramaya. Survey Bhadrani Pashyantu, Maa Kschita Dukha Bhagabhvet.
Jai Guru Dev, Jai Maharishi
Respectfully, Brahmachari Girish
Chairman- Maharishi Group of Educational Institutions


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