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Brahmasthan of India

Brahmasthan of India

Brahmasthan of India  16/10/2021 10:31:14 AM   Brahmasthan of India   administrator

The Brahmasthan of India - the geographical center of India - is located in the development block of Umaria Paan, Village Karaundi, about 65 km northeast of Jabalpur city. The Brahmasthan has been identified by the Archaeological Survey of India, a department of the Central Government of India and confirmed by the international survey experts of Maharishi Global Movement.
In 1984, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji sent Brahmachari Girish ji to find this place and determine what was there. Beginning in1994, the purchase of land in the area of the Brahmasthan started. Maharishi ji's divine plan and vision is that Brahmasthan of India was a global center of peace and coherence for the world and a light house of Vedic knowledge. He envisioned thousands of Maharishi Vedic Pandits performing Yagyas there, according to the precise Vedic traditions, for the happiness, peace, prosperity, perfect health, security, invincibility and heavenly life on earth.
In addition to the Yagyas, these thousands of Vedic scholars would practice twice daily Transcendental Meditation and the TM Siddhi Programme including Yogic Flying along with the Vedic routine of Trikal Sandhya, so that the collective consciousness of the world would become more coherent and permanent world peace would be established. With this resolution of His Holiness Maharishi ji, the construction work and development started in Brahmasthan under the leadership of Brahmachari Girish ji. At present there is proper accommodation for about 2500 Vedic Pandits. There is also a guest campus at the Brahmasthan to which individuals from more than 60 countries of the world have visited — and enjoyed the soothing atmosphere of Yog and Yagya.


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