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Learning from Time - Brahmachari Girish Ji

Learning from Time - Brahmachari Girish Ji

Learning from Time - Brahmachari Girish Ji  23/05/2020 02:32:42 PM   Learning from Time - Brahmachari Girish Ji   administrator

The learning from Time should be taken on time, it is the guidance of veteran and learned men. It is literally true. The time of Corona has come, there has been an outcry in the whole world. The death toll has crossed two lakh, no one is sensing anything, the market of rumors is hot.
Till now we used to hear, ''as many things as number of mouths'' now are hearing ''thousands of things from every mouth''. Even in times of crisis, number of people does not have sense of wisdom. Frivolous politics is continuing, the blame is on the culmination, the useless people are accusing the sincere, the sincere and responsible leaders are troubled by their responsibilities and worries, there is no one to encourage and support them, they are kind of isolated, days and nights of planning and decision are falling short.
It is said that time is very strong, the big Surmas of their time are not known today. In a song heard recently, it says that in their time, without their will or command, not even a single leaf of their kingdom was shaken, the Raja-Maharaja Chakravarti who use to build a grand memorial on the death of every member of their family, no one knows where their own funeral took place. We are discussing about Time here. Nobody could win from Time. It seems that time, history and nature are all very close relatives of a family. Whatever is happening, is happening by these three or in the cognizance of these three. By the way, the blame is given to Lord Brahma that everything is written by him. Opponents of Lord Vishnu are in a good number, everything is happening with his Maya, such blame is put on Lord Vishnu. The interesting thing is that neither Brahma nor Vishnu is seen, nor is there any effect seen on them of our words nor any response comes from them. Regarding nature, she does not leave without showing reaction. The Lord Krishna said in the Gita, ''Mayadhyekan Prakritihi, Suyate sa Characharam''. Lord Vishnu does nothing. He enjoys Yoganidra on the bed of Sheshnaga in the Ksheer Sagar and his nature in the entire world keeps shaping his work - with the Maya created by him.
Time can be considered innocent, as the leela of the Lord, he continues to perform the work. Yes, it might not be wrong to put him in the role of a teacher. Time only plays a big role in teaching. And Itihasa-History? It does not seem to have any special role in the formulation, implementation, education, planning of any of these areas. He simply keeps it on record when the work is done. Therefore, History is not worth blaming.
As it is thought about the role of Time, it is for sure that we learn a lot from Time. It conducts everyone's life remotely, it is not visible but leaves an indelible influence, does not tolerate anyone, does not forgive anyone,perhaps Dharmaraja- Yamraj and Chitragupta are close relatives of Time. It is definitely seen that nature nourishes the person who nurtures nature in his life. In the same way it is also certain that the one who is respectful to the Time, following it's rules, took it along with him, the Time was favourable for him, his days were auspicious, kept on teaching well, gave alertness, and finally kept giving salvation. It has always been an eternal truth, it is still today and it will be tomorrow also, because Time is most powerful. In today's situation,what Time is teaching us, let's take a little thought on this. In my view, Time is reminding one of life's greatest learning that life is fragile. No one knows when to go and for what reason. A small, invisible cause has taken the lives of more than 200,000 people in a short span of time and may take many more, no one knows how many. The top scientists of the world are researching day and night about its nature, structure, behavior, effect and antidote, it has been four months but it is still not possible to reach the final result. Everyone's hopes for life, longevity are eternal, but it is not right to be fascinated by it. Hope and imagination are right, but hope and imagination are real, it is not appropriate for the common man to believe, the matter of wise and perfect men is different.
Therefore, the first thing is to perform the duties of life in such a way that there is never anything pending. When the call comes, just go.
The second important thing is to always do good things in life. Everyone knows the consequences of bad deeds, a doubt always hides in the mind, having the record that one has done these bad deeds and do not know if there will be any time to rectify them. At the last moment of life, the accounts of one's own actions are revealed, but till then it is very late, then there is no opportunity to rectify, then one has to leave the world with that account only.
The third thing is to learn to audit your life in time. Who is closest to us in life, who is far away, who is the enemy and who is the hidden enemy, Time is the best teacher for all this. There has been a lockdown for the last one month, we are just compelled to stay in our homes. Everyone has their own requirements. Some need food, some need regular home supply, some want children's goods, some are craving for restaurant food, some have lost their job, some have lost business, some got stuck thousands of kilometers away from family, some have to postpone their marriage, some lost their close family member and could not attend the last rites. Many individuals, many institutions, governments have come forward to help. There is no scale to measure how much help is really being received. The greatest help we can give is peace of mind, consolation, strength. It is more valuable than all goods. But its lacking everywhere. Actually, at this time we learn who is receiving what and from whom.
During lockdown, everyone is provided opportunity to work from home. The government ordered that everyone should be given full salary. There is no account or record of work people doing at home. Many are not in touch and have not reported at all for the past one month. They are invisible like ''horns from donkey's head''. They did not even try to find out the status of their subordinates, colleagues, officers, or the situation of their organisation. Yes those who received Rs. 50 or 100 less in salary, they immediately contacted the Finance Department to find out the reason. This is the opportunity for us to correct the list of sincere/loyal and useless people. Who is responsible, who is dedicated and devoted or not concert at all for the organisation, this has been tested during this past one month. Time taught, the list is corrected for the future. The scores of the loyal and opportunists are changed in record.
Apart from this, Time also taught a lot other things. Today a girl from our school said, ''Sir, it was forbidden to bring mobile phones to school by now, see today the whole school has come to mobile''. It is a fact. Till yesterday we wanted to keep children away from mobile, today the same medium has become the main medium for children's education. If anything is used properly for a good cause, then it proves to be a useful and helpful tool. Since last year, universities were not clear why UGC was trying to stop the distance education offering in large number of universities in India. Universities were being harassed by making new strange rules. All the universities which have prepared programmes for distance education in last several years after hard work and spending crores of rupees, all of them are compelled to just waste their efforts. Now see the how the Time has changes, now the same U.G.C. is singing the song of online education.
Time has reminded us of Ashta Prakriti, rise from the ground and see the order of ego. The first prakrati starts from the earth, rises and at the end the mind,intellect goes full on the ego. When the nature of this ego changes from the nature of self-respect, to the nature of pride, when ''swa''-self is left out of it, then the human falls on the first prakrati-prathvi-earth. It should be understood. The balance of the Ashtaprakratees should be maintained,this will happen only when the basis of Ashtaprakrateesis in the 9th Prakrati- Para Prakrati, the transcendental field of prakrati. Otherwise the tree of life, like the tree without good roots or with damages roots, will be ruined at any time.
In addition, time also showed a change in relationships. Till now we use to look at the police with the image having a stick and a gun. Now the police are also seen cooking food, distributing food, raising young children in their lap and holding the hand of an old man or woman across the road, singing and dancing on the road in public interest and even facing attacks.
Charitable was the word of the dictionary for most people, now its experimental meaning is understood. Families with average economic status are also regularly providing food to some needy families. Some of my familiar physicians said that on normal days, they used to experience exhaustion on completing their working hours and use to come home. Now they work for 18 to 22 hours. The realization of responsibility has added unique energy to them. Now there is no more tiredness in working extra hours, they are always refreshed with satisfaction of service.
The teachers of my schools told me that they were not ​​working on holidays earlier. But now they are working seven days of the week. How much more knowledge to give to their students so quickly, this is the only agenda they have. what's all this? This is all the teaching of Time.
Apart from this, how should be the thoughts, how should be the behavior, how should be the speech, how to have a happy life in spite of limited resources, how to make extrovert mind introvert, how to generate infinite organizing power from the deep peaceful ocean of eternal knowledge, it is all the teaching of Time. Time has given the so much blessings through teaching in a short period on the pretext of Corona, for that let us give BIG THANKS to TIME, express our gratitude to Time.
Jai Guru Dev, Jai Maharishi
Brahmachari Girish
Chairman - Maharishi Group of Educational Institutions


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